Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hot Pot then Leaving Chengdu!

Our last day in Chengdu we had to get all packed up and out of the hotel by lunch time. We heard that Chengdu was famous for a dish called Hot Pot so we were determined to try it before left. We had just enough time to have lunch before we had to leave for the airport.

 Here Nora is helping Tom and the boys create their own dipping sauce. Once you cook your meat and veggies in a pot of hot oil and broth you can dip it in sauce to cool it enough to eat and give it some flavor.
 Below is picture of the raw meat. Its cut very thin and rolled. You grab it with your chop sticks and drop it into your Hot Pot. The pretty looking plate is full of vegetables and three kinds of mushrooms. At the back of the photo is a bowl of lotus root. You will see Trevor trying that a little further down. I actually liked that cooked and then dipped in my sauce. It reminded me of a large water chestnut. On the right is more meat that is cut small so it cooks quickly in your hot pot. One meat was pork and one was beef but I am not totally sure which was which!

Here is Trevor and Tom sitting with their hot pot. They had two different flavors to cook into so the pot is divided. In the past they would serve the hot pot in one large wok in the middle of the table and everyone shared. Now the restaurant has an electric hot plate in front of each individual with their own pot.
Garrett is eating dessert first, pumpkin dumpling.

 We liked it at first but then started not liking it so much anymore... so we started getting silly.

Trevor eating Lotus Root....
 Giant mushroom....

 Hudson talking... saying FEED ME!

 First tunnel... where Tom and the boys found some shopping...
 Tower after tower of apartments in Chengdu.
 These are called the American style apartments and according to Nora are very expensive.
 Hudson trying ice cream! He actually liked it....

 Walking out the energy before the flight to Guangzhou.
 Made it to the Marriott in Guangzhou... READY TO SLEEP!!! Goodnight!

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