Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A few days back...plus heading home....

If you'd like to see some more photos from Chengdu scroll down a few days back. I posted some more photos from our stay in Chengdu. I have also been trying to catch up on some of the fun photos before we return. So there are more posts from our first few days in Guangzhou now too.

Also, we are leaving very early in the morning for Hong Kong. Wednesday January 15th at 5:30 am... while be Tuesday afternoon for our family at home. We will get on a plane in Hong Kong at 11am Wednesday China time (still Tuesday at home) and We will arrive in Chicago at 11am Wednesday (Chicago time!) We have been living in the future...literally and will be flying home to the past by 14 hours! We will completely miss an entire day, spending it in the air! Who says time travel doesn't exist?!!

My sister will be picking us up at the airport and bringing us home. We should arrive at our house around 1:30 pm if any of our local friends or family are interested in greeting Mr. Hudson Qi. Otherwise, we will see you all hopefully very soon. Can't wait for you to meet this wonderful little guy!

Please be praying for our travel. It will be an extremely long time with 3 young boys. This was a very difficult time when we came home with Lindsey. She was upset and sick the entire 14 hours! We are hoping for an easier flight with Hudson. We can't wait to be home and hug our other children. Skype is an amazing thing and has helped but I can't wait to squeeze them and be united as a family of EIGHT!!!


  1. What a great smile! I can't wait to meet the caboose. I read through the whole blog again - what a beautiful story. It's amazing to see God's handiwork throughout. Praying that the flight goes well and by this time tomorrow the great family of eight will be together forever! Love you guys, The Zdenek's

  2. SO enjoyed reading through the details of your trip to get Hudson!!! Congratulations to all of you :). -Jane Eichenlaub