Sunday, January 13, 2013

Guangzhou Zoo!

Sunday we had a free day to do something fun. We had a few choices and as a group we decided on the zoo. It was a beautiful day for the zoo. The weather was very nice, warm and sunny. We also enjoyed being with Ben, Amanda and Sophia on this little journey. It was a fun day of animal viewing and getting to know each other better.
This is the way that Hudson sits in the stroller. Its so hard watching him cry but its been difficult carrying him the entire time. We have been trying to put him in the stroller a little longer each time but he scream cries LOUD the whole time. It is so uncomfortable when all the people around stare at us. I am curious what they think. I can't take it though. I pick him up. Then he's instantly fine. Mama's boy already!
These chimps were so fun to watch. They reminded me of all of our crazy kids wrestling and playing at home. I can't wait to see them all playing together.

There was a lady with her family watching this bear. There are signs everywhere that say DO NOT feed the animals. I wish had a better angle for this photo to include the lady and the signs... She had a full loaf of bread and was dropping pieces to him. Seriously!
Its hard to tell from the photo but this is a baby tiger cub. He was pretty cute.
Then the giant royal looking adult tigers. You could practically feel their loud roaring.

If we held Hudson's hand it would help calm him down for a little while but he never really stopped crying unless he was held. It made me think about the glass being half full instead... at least he cries when he's not in our arms instead of when he is in our arms! Thank you God for an amazing new son!

Trevor had been asking for one of these kabobs as soon as he started smelling them. He's my meat eater. So they all gave them a try. It is lambs meat and seasoned. The boys really liked it. The men who ran the booth didn't even look Chinese to me. I asked our facilitator Lee about it and she said that they are from Western China and a Chinese minority. Most of the people we see around are Han. They are the people group that the one child law was given to in 1980.

Hudson is a very active and busy baby boy. Here are some cute pictures of him walking and playing in the entrance to our hotel room.

Then he tired himself out and watched a movie with the boys and dosed off. Trevor and Garrett have been so great with him. Very nurturing! I love my big boys so much. Such amazing young people!

After a nice nap he woke up playful. Daddy spent some time teasing, tickling and playing with him.
We are all amazed how flexible our little Lindsey is... well Hudson has the same skills! They definitely do not have my genetics but they sure do have my heart!

There is a very small playroom here at the hotel. We went up to check it out for a bit. The boys got pretty wild!

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