Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting Ready...

We got as much ready the night before as possible thinking that we would be sleeping until the last minute and have a hard time waking up. However, since we were still on Chicago time even though we were exhausted we still woke up really early. I was bummed about that because then the wait to meet Hudson seemed even longer... little did we know that the wait would increase as well! More on that in our next post.

We got some breakfast for the day. The first meal here in China. The boys got to experience the way the Chinese eat in the morning... much like they do the rest of the day! Its hard for my body to want to eat "dinner" foods for breakfast but Trevor, who I thought would be the hardest to please with the food here, loved it. He tried all kinds of things. Garrett did pretty well too but once he discovered what he calls "Chinese Cheerios" That has become his staple. Before bed he even gets excited about eating them again in the morning. He also likes the noodles and rice with the ham and peppers in it.

Breakfast of Champions!
As many of you know we have to bring gifts for the notary and paperwork officials. The challenge is to bring something made in the USA. Last time we ended up bringing "Charlie & Stetson" colognes and "Ghirahdelli" chocolates. This trip we decided to bring Tootsie Roll products. Since Tom grew up right near the factory and grew up smelling it when they were making more. Then to go with that I made some hand made greeting cards (since I didn't have anything else to do right!) Well, I didn't completely finish so I was quickly finishing up the cards that I needed for the first day of paperwork.

Last minute gift preparations

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