Monday, January 14, 2013

Consulate Appointment, check!

 Well we finally made it to this very special day! When we said our oath I was emotional again this time! Its just so amazing to feel that our family is complete with our sweet boy. Once the oath is done each family has to go up to the window and review some paperwork. When Tom was all done working with the man behind the window he said to Tom, "I am very sorry about your house fire!" Tom was like what??! Well, apparently he was the man that helped on this end of things to get some things expedited for us once USCIS had put things on hold because of our fire. (A long and frustrating story that really didn't need to happen at all but that's a story for another day!) But it was neat anyway to have someone across the world actually care enough to help get things done for us. Another time that God stepped in with His caring hand.

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