Monday, January 7, 2013

Gotcha moment!

The call came about 2:15 and we had to be in the lobby at 2:30 to start the drive back to the government building for the second time. When we pulled up our facilitator pointed out that their car was there already. We got our cameras ready as we climbed the 3 flights of stairs. When we got up there again we could see that the room we had been waiting in earlier had some people in there. Hearts pounding we were all walking pretty quickly. As you can see from the photos its a room of glass windows. As we got closer I could see he was sitting in someone’s lap and his little head with knit hat was bouncing. When we got even closer I got a quick peak of his sweet little face and I could not believe my eyes! His little lip was repaired already!!! We had no idea they had done surgery. Below are the few pictures that we had of Hudson before we met him!

Here is the very first picture of our son that I ever saw! The day his referral was presented to us this is the photo I saw when I opened the email. We thought it was adorable that he was laying on a soccer pillow since we are such a soccer family.
This one you can really see how open his palate was.

This was my favorite picture that we got. Now that I have met him it really does look the most like him.

When we got into the room he was happily sitting in a man's lap. The boys and I walked over to the couch where he was sitting. Tom graciously catching the moment on the video camera. Hudson looked us over as I sat next to him and then started to get a little upset. When I reached to hold him he started up into a full cry, sad, loud cry. He didn't stop for what felt like a VERY long time. We think it was almost an hour before he calmed down.

We tried everything. Toys, snacks, walking, rocking, playing ball, singing... no luck. The boys started to give up and play catch with the ball that we had brought for him. Once when Trevor tossed it pretty hard at Garrett he mad a big "ugh" sound. That made Hudson laugh a little. So the boys continued to toss it at each other and dramatically catching it pretending they were hit hard. Each time Hudson laughed a little louder. Finally! He stopped crying and started smiling and laughing. That was it then, the boys won him over. Then they played and played. And this time when we left to go back to the hotel... WE GOT TO TAKE OUR HUDSON WITH US! Praise GOD!


  1. So happy to see the updated blog...The Dobbertin 8 is on the minds and prayers of so many in this community. What great memories are being made. The kids here at home seem to be rolling with the punches. When Mallory was over the other day she seemed to be happy as always and anxious to meet her new little brother. Hudson is a doll! So happy that at least one leg of the journey is over. Less than a week you will be home and complete! Love to all of you, The Vincents!

  2. This is so exciting! Tears of joy with you all! He is sooo cute!

  3. I am all choked up reading your blog. I am so thrilled for the eight of you. Tell Trevor and Garrett that I am so proud of them. Of course they were able to get Hudson to stop crying. I have seen Garrett dance like Elvis! He can make anyone smile. Love and blessings to you all! Love, Audra

  4. What joy! When I first logged on this morning, the last post was First Attempt...I started to comment: Prayers are on their way!, but needed to refresh the page for some reason and "Gotcha Moment" just posted! Awesome! Hudson, no longer an orphan, 'new life' as an adopted son into a loving family! Tears and shouts of joy!! Thank you Dobbertin's for the update! I will be in prayer for the Lord's continued protection during the transition an safe return home.

    I will be off to Israel; Hyderabad, India (with - orphan care); Philippines (with First Baptist DG); then to Nairobi, Kenya (video documenting ministry in the slum areas): 1/14 to 2/28. I'm not a blogger, but may have to start!

    Blessings to you all!

  5. awww!! congrats!!! He is adorable!!! I am so glad that you were able to update the blog because I've been thinking about you all!! Oh how I remember the crying child that wouldn't stop:) Hoping that the rest of your trip goes smoothly and quickly!!!

  6. The pictures are very cool. Glad to hear Hudson enjoyed the boys craziness :)

    We continue to pray for you all every day...

  7. :) amanda b. sent me your blog:) your little guy is adorable-- they did a wonderful job on his lip:) we have 4 kids from china-- 3 of them boys-- and 2 of them have cleft lip/palate:) congratulations!!!!!