Monday, January 7, 2013

First attempt... Going to meet Hudson

We were finally able to see the city as we drove since we came into town late at night.  The visibility wasn't much better as there was a heavy fog/smog.  We are right in the heart of Chengdu which is a city of about 11 million people in Chengdu proper and the surrounding area.  We arrived at the adoption office at the scheduled time and immediately could tell something wasn't right as our facilitator spoke on the phone and we could tell she was frustrated.  She said Hudson and the team from his orphanage were stuck in traffic due to the fog after local authorities stopped all traffic coming in from the south east.  They thought it would take about 1 hour so we waited in the room.

 We were so excited to be going to finally meet Hudson not knowing that it would be delayed. We were taking pictures in the van of our excited faces on the way there.
Super exciting to see this sign again! We are finally here at this exciting point!
We had butterflies in our bellies on the way up the stairs. I was ready with the camera just in case he was already there waiting. No such luck… this time anyway! (foreshadowing, dunt-da!) So as Tom said they were delayed because of the fog and eventually they completely stopped traffic and they were still an hour away. 
We were all over the top excited as we waited for Hudson to enter the building. Garrett was especially anxious and kept peeking over his shoulder to see if he was coming down the hallway. He's just making a silly "I can hardly wait" face here.

Here's Tom waiting in the room. We had already gotten out all of our toys and snacks to win him over! Didn't know that we were going to have to pack it all up again and head back to the hotel without the baby. :(
The room was filled with teddy bears to purchase. We all found this one really funny! Its wearing lingerie! So funny!
OK.... seriously! Now we are getting tired of waiting!

They had a four hour drive so I suppose some issues were to be expected. So they decided it would be best if we went to get lunch and rest at the hotel until we heard that they had started moving again. Since we wanted to be ready the minute the call came we decided to do something quick. We hit our first Chinese McDonald’s this trip. Only the second day! Last time we made it 6 days or so, but we are traveling with some kiddos this time. They were pretty excited to see this perspective of McD. So after a quick lunch we went down into the shopping mall area (also a fun look at the culture). We got lots of looks too. We picked up a few things at the grocery store, some coke, baby snacks and a case of water, then headed back to the hotel to wait.

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