Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Catching up... some retro posting. Exploring Chengdu

I figure that most of the readers enjoy pictures the most. So I figure I will post some photos and add some captions. It helps me remember the events surrounding the photos anyway so its a little easier to recall what we have been up to...the days are blending together.

After Hudson's first night with us we decided to try a bath. When we first met Lindsey she did not like the water at all! Screamed the entire time. It wasn't until she was home and saw the other kids having fun and playing in the bath that she started to enjoy it. Now she's a little fish. Hudson however loved it immediately. What a relief. We took in his favorite toys, the stacking cups, and he played nicely. Splashed and threw the cups. HE LOVES to THROW! Throws EVERYTHING! He will fit right in at the Dobbertin household!

 Nothing beats a fresh from the bath baby bundled in a towel! So cuddly and smells so sweet! Once we were all dressed ready to go we had to meet our facilitator, Nora, in the lobby. We had to return to the government building again to finish more paperwork. I was a little nervous about heading back there since Hudson was so upset yesterday. I wasn't sure how he'd feel about going back there or seeing the people that dropped him off with us yesterday. But he did great! Loved being with us still and didn't get upset at all. He kept Garrett very busy walking (dragging Garrett) up and down the hallway. We sure are glad that the boys are here to help entertain this busy little baby! Lindsey was so sick and weak when we got her that she would have bored them. Hudson is non-stop!
Here's a cute picture of him in a Popeye shirt. We get some great hand-me-downs! I wish I could capture his fun little personality in a picture but I can't really get him to smile at the camera. I will have to be ready when daddy is tickling him!

Once the paperwork is complete they tell us that it is a LAW, Hudson is ours! Time to celebrate! We went exploring Chengdu. Its a big city with lots of shopping and people of course. I would say very modern, hip, young and fashionable. More so than the city of Nanning where we met Lindsey and stayed for 5 days. Chengdu is said to be the next Silicon Valley so lots of business. But still not very many Americans or other foreigners. I think we had seen less than 5 the entire stay in Chengdu.
In the pictures below we are eating Peking Duck. I think its kind of like a Chinese version of a fajita. They give you very thin tortilla like wraps and you add Duck meat, vegetables and sauce. Tom and Trevor enjoyed it very much. Garrett and I liked it but its not our favorite so far. Hudson pretty much likes anything we share with him right now. LOVES to eat... also a Dobbertin trait!

 We cut through a little alley way and found this building. One sign had some English written and it said It was a YMCA! Our guide wasn't sure how to describe it. She said "its some kind of over seas religious building"! As she struggled to pronounce it I said "Christian" and she said "ah yes, Christian".
Once we cut through the alley way there was a Starbucks so we decided to stop for a little treat. I haven't been in a Starbucks at home in a while, so made they have it at home, but they have a New Year flavor here call "Chestnut Macchiato" YUM-O! Starbucks for 4 cost almost as much as our Peking Duck for everyone!
It was interesting as we sat in the Starbucks people would take a double take as they walked by. They would tap their friend and point. Not sure exactly why... just because we are foreigners or Americans with a Chinese baby, especially a boy or could it be that I had him dressed in a snowsuit that looked like a teddy bear! Probably a combination... no matter the reason we get lots of stares. Mostly friendly stares. So we just smile and say hello. They smile back. Some try to speak back to us in English. Hudson took a little snooze while we sat and enjoy our coffee.

After a full day we head back to the hotel to relax for the night. Excited to have our sweet baby boy with us for life!

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