Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We are falling behind!

Beth and I flew through our home study requirements only to be hit with a big STOP sign.  The last step before our Home Study gets finalized by our SW (social worker) was to attend a full day of in person training.  I went in with the wrong mindset about the whole thing.  I viewed this as a requirement and not an opportunity to learn.  We got there about 2 minutes after the class started so we got the infamous front row seats right next to the projector.  This threw me off but I decided to go with it since I was locked in this room all day. 

The first speaker was amazing.  He talked about transition time and how important it is for these adopted kids to get into a routine and to realize that our home is their forever home.  Some of these children spent time with birth parents, possibly moved into a group home, then into foster care, until settling into the adoptive home.  He stressed how important it is for the kids to realize that when they leave for the day they WILL come back HOME to THEIR house.  I started paying closer attention to this and realized that Lindsey needs to hear that our home is where she will live with us until she moves out.  I also overheard Lindsey telling some kids that she wasn't born because she came from China.  Its cute on one hand but on the other my heart breaks for kids not growing up with loving parents. 

Right now we are waiting for our SW to complete our Home Study.  Tonight I am expecting that Beth and I will finish our I800A which is an application for determining the suitability to adopt a child from a foreign country.

I wish we were further along however we did slow things down because of my job uncertainty.  I have been an 11 year employee at Motorola however my business unit is in the process of being sold to a venture capitalist firm called Vector Capital.  Part of my employment benefits at Motorola is adoption assistance.  This doesn't exist at the new company however after inquiring they agreed to match the Motorola assistance.  This is an answer to prayer!