Friday, April 22, 2011

Spilled the beans...

Yesterday morning I dropped off the reference form at our church office. Pastor Don was not there. Since the enveloped was addressed to our placing agency and stamped I put it in a plain envelope to hide the evidence! (I have to admit, secrets are kind of fun to keep!) After I left the office I left a voicemail for Pastor Don so he knew what I had dropped off and that we were keeping it confidential for the time being.
I had a friend over yesterday afternoon. We wanted to get the kids together to play and she also had some adoption questions. When we were talking briefly about adoption and setting up the play date the week before it was killing me not to tell her our plans to adopt again but I kept it to myself. I will keep her name confidential since they are not entirely sure about adopting yet. They are just exploring some things that God has laid on their hearts. They already have biological children but they just don't think their family is complete.
Moments after she arrived the phone rang and I didn't recognize the number. I answered it and it was Pastor Don. He was calling to say he had received the reference form and had a few questions. I was trying to answer his questions with half sentences so that my friend didn't understand the nature of the call. But she was too intuitive. When I got off the phone her eyes were wide and she said, "Sorry to ease drop but are you adopting again?" Oh man! I spilled the beans! She has been sworn to secrecy!
When I told Tom about it that evening he said that maybe it was in God's plan for her to find out. Maybe it would be helpful for their decision to see that we have had such a wonderful experience and blessings from our adoption that we are jumping in again! To think we could have a part in another family's decision to adopt, giving another orphan a forever family!
My friend had a lot of questions and in the midst of trying to answer her questions I was able to reassure myself of some of my fears. God was using her questions and situation to help me put more faith in his perfect plan for our family. Now I am excited to watch it all pan out, impatient but excited!
Here is some of the advice that I gave to my friend. It ended up encouraging me and reminding me of the reasons why I am passionate about adoption and what God has done in our lives that has made it such a blessing:
"As for adoption, I still have lots of thought swimming in my head to share with you but ultimately it comes down to this. COMMIT to PRAYER. Set aside time to pray together about this decision as much as possible. Get VERY specific with God on what you want him to do in your life. I say ask Him to make it so obvious one way or the other on what you should do. Ask him to plant people and circumstances in your daily life to make it clear his direction for your family. ALSO, ask him to change your heart on the matters that you are fearful about if you feel him leading you in the adoption direction. Pray for an open mind and open heart towards very specific orphans. He will make you feel completely content and satisfied and SURE that this sweet little orphan from across the world is YOURS! He will grow this little one in your heart over time and before you even hold him or her so that when you do there will be NO questions left in your mind about this little one that will take the name!!! Also, pray for your bio children and their open hearts and minds. And once you make a decision to go for it, start praying with them. Pray out loud the truths you want to see in their lives. Like asking God, in front of them, to help them love and accept this little brother as their own. Tell them stories of how we are all adopted into God's family. Tell them all the great things that this little guys will do with your family, especially God things, that he would have NEVER had opportunity for otherwise. Write these things down too. So that when you look back with the kids you can show them how God Answers their Prayers! Show them pictures of orphans, especially those with special needs and let them ask questions. If you don't have an answer for them let them know you will look into it or pray about it and get them the answer. Use this amazing time, whether you end up adopting or not to broaden their view of the world and see beyond their own needs or wants. Thinking of others and their basic needs. OK, well thats some of the things I've been thinking.... hope that's not too much."
Everyday I get even more excited about this sweet little man! The journey to him has already begun to change me for the better and I am so glad!

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  1. I am so touched by your heart and wisdom Bethany! What a beautiful prayer process to hear and follow God's plan, and help your beautiful children to grow in their faith and compassion. I Love you my friend! Deb