Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Contract and Character References

We received our contract from Living Hope today and found out that we need to make five people aware of our second adoption because we need references. Our Pastor Don Zimmerman, Fred & Kelly Versluys, and Brian & Hilary Vincent will be asked tomorrow, April 19th, 2011, to fill out a Character Reference. These fantastic five are about 12 hours from being told about our adoption and their requirement to be sworn to secrecy. If anyone finds out about the adoption before we share this blog is is because one (or more) of these five spilled the beans!

I am so exited to go through this process of adopting another child from China. After work today I had to run to Sam's Club and I saw a Chinese family with a boy about 18 months old and I couldnt help but think of our fourth son. One of the things we dont want to do is upset the birth order. Our current youngest, B, is almost 12 months now so our goal is to adopt a child under the age of 18 months at time of travel which we estimate is 12-18 months away. I for a moment will break the tough guy persona and will admit that I am almost in tears thinking that our son could be a few days old right now.

The plan is gather the funds for the contract tomorrow, deliver the Character References tomorrow, and send the contract back on Wednesday April 20th. Our goal is to get this paperwork done is record timing so we are aiming to have the references and contract returned by LHAA by 4/21/11.

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