Sunday, April 10, 2011

Let me introduce the Dobbertin's

If you don't know anything about our family please allow me to introduce The Dobbertin's.  Bethany and Tom met at Lake Geneva Youth Camp in the early 90's.  The first time Tom saw Bethany she was walking out of the canteen (snack shop) and she immediately caught his eye.  Years later Tom told her his stomach jumped the minute he saw her and she didn't believe him.  Tom proved he saw her that day by describing what she was wearing and so she pulled out pictures her parents had taken when they dropped her off.  To her suprise Tom was right about what she was wearking and this confirmed what he said; that he fell for her the moment he saw her.  During our time as campers and then as counselors we met many kids but two stood out to us.  Beth was a counselor for a girl that was adopted from China and the same week Tom was a counselor for a boy who was adopted from Korea. 

We didn't realize how much these two kids touched our hearts until years later.  While we were dating we started discussing what we wanted in a family.  We talked about having a large family of five or six kids and both of us agreed we'd like one or two of them to be adopted.  As we got closer to getting engaged we agreed that we wanted to adopt a child after we got married and we agreed to adopt from China. 

Today we have five children, Trevor, Garrett, Mallory, Lindsey, and Brock .  In March/April 2009 Bethany and I traveled to China to bring Lindsey home.  We were away from our other children for 16 days!  Yes, 16 days!  That time away was tough but the benefit was worth it as Lindsey has transformed our lives.

With Joy,

The Dobbertin's

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