Monday, April 11, 2011

Home Study Application & North Face

Beth and I discussed filling out the application for the home study and getting it in the mail ASAP.  Last time we adopted we waited to fill out the home study application but this time we are pushing hard to get the paperwork done as fast as possible.  Beth pushed aside the typical things that come with being a homemaker and decided to crank out the application early this morning.  Today I dropped both the Adoption agency application and the home study application at the post office.  Tomorrow Beth plans to contact Living Hope Adoption Agency  (LHAA) to gather information on finger prints, background checks, and birth certificates.

Beth and I dont want the kids knowing about this just yet so we've been talking in code.  Last time in China we bought North Face jackets so we are referring to the adoption as getting a North Face jacket.  Its a fun little way to talk about the adoption without them catching on however I think the kids are going to think we are a little obsessed with North Face!


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