Sunday, May 6, 2012


Our family was rocked on May 4th.  I took Brock and Garrett to a soccer game while Beth entertained a houseful of kids with freeze pops.  Soon after I left the house Beth had to leave to take Trevor to soccer practice.  As Garrett's game started I received a phone call from our neighbor Bruce Larson.  Bruce told me that the house was on fire and calmly asked if anyone was inside and how they could get in.  I pulled Garrett off the field and rushed home with the two boys then called Beth.  At this time she had already received calls from other neighbors and we both were in total shock.  Beth had just had a houseful of kids and left a short time sooner, how could the house be on fire?

When I arrived home there were cars, trucks, and people everywhere.  It sounds strange but I had an overwhelming calm come over me as if people were already praying for our family.  As I walked up to the intense scene the only thing I could think was "its all replaceable".  My family was safe, no one was injured, we were insured, and we had a huge group of friends standing there with us fighting back tears and ready to help. 

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